How to move in Rome by Taxi


The official vehicles of the taxi service in Rome are colored white with a taxi led top light display. The Rome city council’s symbol as well as the taxi licence number are both clearly displayed on the car front doors and inside the vehicle (rear doors left).

Before commencing the journey, unless the journey is for a fixed fare in which case this does not apply, check that the taximeter is switched on (situated above the dashboard or on the upper section of the windscreen). Should it not be switched on, ask the driver to do so. Always ask for a receipt of payment.

Roma Capitale provides a telephone service for calling a taxi, simply call 060609 (an automated answer system linked directly to the closest taxi rank).

from fiumicino airport
(leonardo da vinci)

right outside the national and international arrivals terminal. Journey time from Fiumicino to Rome (within the Aurelian Walls) is roughly 40/50 minutes, at a fixed fare of € 48.00 including extra charges.

The fixed fare of € 48.00 is per taxi. Fixed fares, inclusive of all extra charges, to other destinations are:
Castello della Magliana - Parco dei Medici: € 30.00
Nuova Fiera di Roma Exhibition Centre: € 25.00
Ciampino Airport: € 50.00
Tiburtina Station: € 55.00
Ostiense Station: € 45.00
Port of Civitavecchia: € 120.00
Journeys commencing from within the Rome ring road (GRA) and travelling to Fiumicino Airport, and vice versa, shall be charged a maximum fare of € 70.00.

from ciampino airport
(g.b. pastine)

Taxis offering journeys into the centre of Rome are situated in the forecourt just outside the airport. Journey time from Ciampino to Rome (within the Aurelian Walls) is roughly 30 minutes, at a fixed fare of € 30.00 including extra charges.The fixed fare of € 30.00 is per taxi.

Fixed fares, inclusive of all extra charges, to other destinations are:
Tiburtina Station: € 35.00
Ostiense Station: € 30.00
Fiumicino Airport: € 50.00

Fixed fares, within the areas agreed, are only applicable when the journey is directly to the address given, without any deviation to route or other pick-ups.

For taxi journeys to other places around the city, fares are calculated using the taximeter from the point of departure, with fares varying according to the distance travelled.

ordinary fares

Initial Fixed Fee:

  • weekdays (from 06.00 to 22.00) € 3,00;
  • sundays and public holidays (from 06.00 to 22.00) € 4,50;
  • night fares (from 22.00 to 06.00) € 6,50.

mileage fare €0,10

and is based on a charge per kilometre and a charge for the journey time:

  • · fare T1: 1.10 €/km
  • · fare T2: 1.30 €/km
  • · fare T3: 1.60 €/km
  • The taximeter shifts from T1 to T2 when the initial fixed fare on the taximeter has clocked up a further € 11.00 from that time onwards the T2 fare is applied until a further € 13.00 have been clocked up; from then on the third fare, T3, is applied until the end of the journey. The fares stated above are applied when the taxi is travelling at more than 20 km/h. At speeds of less than 20 km/h, taximeter ticks are clocked up on a timed basis. The approximate cost per hour is € 27.00.

Special Fares

A discount of 10% is applicable to the amount stated on the taximeter in the following cases:

  • · Direct journeys to state hospitals in Rome;
  • · For unaccompanied women using the night service (between 22.00 6.00)
  • · For young people coming out of clubs and discos on Friday and Saturday nights, provided that suitable agreements are in place with the management of such venues

main taxi stations

L.go Torre Argentina (between Pantheon and Trastevere), pza. Fiume (Villa Borghese), pza. G. Belli (Trastevere), ple. Ostiense, pza. S.Silvestro (Fontana di Trevi), pza. dei Cinquecento (stazione Termini), pza. della Repubblica, piazza del Colosseo, ple. della Stazione Tiburtina, metrò A Anagnina, ple. della Stazione del Lido (Ostia), piazza S. Pietro, pza. Risorgimento (Vaticano).

luggage and supplements

  • The first piece of luggage is free; each subsequent piece of luggage measuring more than 35x25x50 cm costs € 1.00
  • The fifth passenger upwards in taxis with a capacity for more than 4 passengers: € 1.00
  • The fixed fee for calling a radio-controlled taxi is € 3.50


Complains have to be sent to Comune di Roma Dipartimento Mobilità e Trasporti - Commissione di Garanzia, via Capitan Bavastro n° 94, 00154 Roma.


  1. Can’t refuse to carry out the service
  2. Can’t choose the passengers
  3. Can’t take on board more passengers than those specified on the car license
  4. Have to stick to the taximeter fares except for routes with fixed fares
  5. Have to make sure all passenger have put their seatbelt on
  6. Have to release a taxi receipt if asked to, the receipt has to include route, license number, taximeter amount and the driver’s signature.

Passengers have to make sure the license number written on the receipt is the same number of the license displayed inside the car on the rear door (left).